What We Believe

Since its beginning, Gateway Church has been guided by its belief in the authority of Scripture, the deity of Jesus, the loving mercy of the Creator God, and the place of the church in His plan for the nations. Gateway Church has not wavered in its understanding of the sinful nature of humankind and the need for all people to put their trust in Jesus’ loving sacrifice on the cross, live like Jesus lived and do what Jesus did.

We know...

…the Spirit is alive and at work in the world, and apart from Him, we would never discover the love of God.
…by the purpose of God, history is moving toward the return of Christ, the King of the nations.
…time is short, and nothing is more important than the work we have been given by Christ.

Our Doctrinal Statement

  1. We acknowledge the Creator-God as our Heavenly Father, infinitely perfect and intimately acquainted with all our ways.
  2. We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, God in the flesh, the object of our worship and the subject of our praise.
  3. We recognize the Holy Spirit as the third member of the Trinity, incessantly at work convicting, comforting, guiding and gifting.
  4. We affirm our confidence in God’s inspired, authoritative Word. We treasure the truths of the Bible and respect its corrections in our lives.
  5. We confess Adam’s fall into sin left humanity without hope of heaven apart from a spiritual rebirth made possible by the Savior’s death and bodily resurrection.
  6. We believe the offer of salvation is God’s gift to all. Those who accept it by faith alone in Christ, not from good works, become new persons, secure in Him forever.
  7. We anticipate our Lord’s promised return and His kingly rule upon the earth.
  8. We are convinced that all who have died will stand before the Lord and give an account for their lives. Believers will enjoy everlasting communion with God, and unbelievers will suffer everlasting separation from God.
  9. We know the Lord is continuing to enlarge His family, the global church (the body of Christ) over which He rules as Head.
  10. We are grateful to be a part of a church which exists to live in authentic community with one another, to make a difference in our city, to present the story of the gospel through baptism and the Lord’s Supper and to bring people into a vibrant relationship with Jesus.
  11. We believe in the biblical definition of marriage between one man and one woman and in the sanctity of life in every phase of a person’s journey on earth.